Tuscany.   The very name has a magical quality, summoning timeless  images of avenues of cypress trees winding up low hills to oxblood farmhouses, ordered landscapes of vines and olive groves and the richness of artistic treasures contrasting with the enduring simplicity of rural ways. 

Million of visitors have over the years made their way to the famous cities of Florence,  the storehouse of the Renaissance, Siena, with its atmospheric medieval streets, and Pisa with its leaning tower.  The Tuscan trail is well-known, and well-trodden.  In some Tuscan towns these days Italian is more rarely heard than English or German. 

But there is another Tuscany, still within close reach of the Renaissance glories but altogether less frequented, where the region’s authentic life is still to be found.  South of the Siena, in the city’s former lands to the south east and west, are two areas which offer a new and exciting insight into Tuscan life: the Val d’Orcia and the Maremma.  This is the hidden Tuscany now waiting to be discovered. 

The Maremma, one of the least developed parts of central Italy, is a delight for the historian, nature-lover and sun-worshipper alike.  This was the heartland of the Etruscans, the mysterious race who dominated central Italy before the birth of the Roman Empire and whose legacy can be explored throughout the area, from the ruins of Vetulónia and Roselle in the north to the rock tombs of Sovana and Pitigliano in the south.  The sparsely populated hills and lowlands of the Maremma are home to an incredible variety of plant and animal life which can form the scenic backdrop to leisurely touring or can be appreciated up close, in waymarked woodland walks or excursions into the wonderful Regional Park of the Maremma.  And from the old fishing village of Castiglione della Pescaia down to the furthest reaches of the Regional Park, there are kilometres of undeveloped sandy beach, free from the usual serried rows of chairs and umbrellas. 

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Accommodation in Maremma

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